The Code Chameleon is a web design and coding company based in Fort Wayne, IN. We specialize in PHP and mySQL development with an eye for mobile friendly designs.

Custom Built Systems

Not every business can use “out of the box” software. Many times, it’s difficult to find a tool that does what you need. We build systems that do exactly what you want, enhancing productivity and letting you work faster.

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Coding Support

Our experience makes us the perfect support for your project. If you’re looking for someone to subcontract with you on an existing project to help debug a problem or write a particular feature, we’re here to help!

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Simple Website Design

More than fifty percent of small businesses don’t have a website, despite the benefits that it offers. With most businesses just needing a simple informational website, we make it easy and affordable to get yourself online.

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Our Work

A sampling from our recent projects

Financial Services Client Manager

A system designed for a financial planning firm to store and track client contact information, as well as their policies.

Pena Mechanical Time App

Designed for employees on the go, this system was built to log worker hours, consumable parts used, and more.

Donor Wrangler

A friendly, easy to use system for non-profit organizations to track donations, collaborate among staff, and manage donor relations.