McMillen Reservation Tool

A screenshot of the McMillen Reservation Tool

We were contacted by McMillen Health to see if we would be able to take their existing reservation system and convert it to an online system similar to Donor Wrangler. The system was based in Microsoft Access and had historical data dating back to 1995. Beyond reservation history, the system also contained over 2000 entries for the schools they served. After examining the system as it stood and providing a proposal in early 2020, the project was approved and we got to work.

Features included tracking the schools they service, creating and managing reservations, grant tracking by reservation, and sending automated confirmation, reminder, and evaluation request emails. Evaluations are entered directly into the system and automatically associated with the relevant school, course, and educator. Reports can be run on all of the data entered in the system and exported to XLS, CSV or PDF.

By May 2020, the system was completed and ready for use. Since that time, we’ve added and improved features, one of which is the new schedule view shown above, added in early 2021. The interactive calendar built into the system allowed them to remove the Outlook calendar from their workflow. It also allows them to quickly see and filter for which physical rooms, videoconferencing rooms, and educators are available when working with a school to book an appointment. Holds for multiple dates can also be added, and then converted into a true reservation once the school confirms which date works for them. And finally, every confirmed reservation generates an ICS calendar appointment file that is emailed to the educator so that it still shows up on their personal calendars.

In May 2021 we completed a large maintenance update to the system with the help of OmegaSkiller Development.

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