Adapting Code to Meet Your Needs.

Founded in 2015, Code Chameleon LLC specializes in working with businesses to make web-based solutions that fit their needs and budget. Whether it be a marketing website or a custom system to handle their businesses’ unique processes, we can make technology work for you in an intelligent way.

We’re founded and based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but currently working out of Varna, Bulgaria. (The view from our balcony is the photo in the header here.) How did we wind up in Bulgaria? It’s a long story, ask about it the next time you see us! Being 7 hours ahead allows us to work more efficiently with our customers. For example, a client can send a request at the end of their business day, we can work on it during our daytime hours, and it’s ready for them by the time they get to the office the next day.

We work with an awesome team of talented developers and partners, bringing all the skills needed for any project to the table.