Ivailo Popov

Ivailo Popov

Partner, Developer

Ivailo (Ivo) is a talented young developer from Varna, Bulgaria who works closely with Josh on backend development. Initially his primary responsibility was to work only on simple marketing sites. He has since grown in his skills and abilities where we he now also assists in the creation and maintenance of custom systems.

  • Specialty: PHP, WordPress, Bootstrap Based Systems
  • Experience: 7 years
  • Hobbies: Photography, tuning his mini cooper, hitting the gym
  • Favorite Food: American or Italian

About Ivailo

Ivailo (Ivo) is Web Developer with 7 years of experience coding responsive websites. He’s proficient with HTML, CSS, SQL and WordPress.

His start came when his dad bought him a PC when he was around 3-4 years old and taught him the basics. As he got older, with Google as his guide, he began to learn more about not only how the computer itself worked, but the web overall. He began taking online courses, learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This grew into PHP and the use of front end frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap.

When he was 17 he began working at TransferMate (TaxBack) as a back-end Web Developer, and in late 2020 began offering his services as a web developer under the name OmegaSkiller. In 2022, he joined the Code Chameleon team full time.