Northeastern Group Realty

A screenshot of the Northeastern Group website

We worked with Asher Agency to provide some additional functionality to their already awesome site design. Our role was to provide a means for the site to automatically synchronize real estate listings with the local MLS, storing and displaying all of the data, and removing these listings once they were no longer on the market.

Once these listings were in place, we needed to provide a means for the listings to be easily filtered and sorted, and for a map to be generated on the fly showing only the relevant listings (shown above). For the best user experience, we also made it so that the relevant listings could be integrated on other pages. For instance, the outlines of empty lots would be incorporated and shown on pages specific to that new residential development:

A screenshot showing the outline of lots in a new development.

All in all, it was a project that had a number of challenges but just as many fun solutions! Our part of this project was completed in June, 2020.

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