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Brandon Borders

Borders Web Development

Brandon and Josh first met when Josh was subcontracting with Crash 31 in 2015. They made a good team during this time, and coordinated on a number of projects. When it comes to website builds, Brandon's clean and proper HTML makes Josh's life much easier. Now that Brandon has gone solo, we're looking forward to even more opportunities to work together!

  • Specialty: PHP, Craft CMS, React
  • Experience: 9 Years
  • Fun Fact: Wrote his first bit of code on Myspace
  • Hobbies: Motosport, soccer and legos

About Brandon

Brandon Borders has been creating websites and web applications for amazing people since 2012, but his story does not start there.

As a kid, Brandon would often either be found on a soccer field or behind a computer. A love of investigation and uncovering new perspectives led Brandon to attending Huntington University, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism & Public Relations.

In his first job out of university, Brandon shared office space with a video production and web development company. Through many small interactions, a relationship grew, his interest in web development discovered and a position made available for him to join the team as a Web Developer.

Though amazing mentors, and the enjoyment of learning new skills and technologies, Brandon has grown his skills from doing just front-end development to doing back-end development and managing teams.

In 2019, Brandon started his own business to be able to spend more time with his wife and three kids.

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