Ness Bros.

A screenshot of the Ness Bros. website

Gearhead Media sent this site to us originally in mid-2018. Some time after the completion of the original design, functionality changes were desired, and the design was tweaked and redone. For the new design, we worked with Borders Web Development on the frontend HTML. His HTML was then translated into a WordPress theme by us.

The WordPress theme has more than the standard functionality of pages with informational content and a blog. For instance, a custom post type is used for Auction listings. On the auction listing pages, filters can be applied to quickly locate listings relevant to the user’s interests. In addition, each auction listing has a number of extra data fields, including PDF uploads, large image galleries, text message service signup (for updates and reminders about the auction) and more. The date of the auction is also tracked, with listings automatically being moved to the Auction Results section after the auction is finished.

The project was completed in December 2019.

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