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A screenshot of the Asher Web Portal

We worked with Asher Agency on a few different projects that shared a similar goal: Provide a secure, login-only system that would allow companies to share files and other resources with franchisees or employees. After some thought, the decision was made to create a more generic product that could be quickly deployed for use in similar situations since there seemed to be a need for it in the marketplace.

Features of the file portal include the ability to make different user levels, break users into regions, and then add files and other resources that would then be accessible only for users in the correct user group and region. At this point, at least 3 companies are making use of this platform, and others are welcome to get in touch with Asher if they would like to have it for themselves! We continue to provide support for this platform, making updates/revisions as needed.

The project was completed in January 2020.

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    Coding Support

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    Project Lead: Asher Agency