Victor Nenchev

Victor Nenchev

Junior Developer

Victor comes to our team as a new coder with a strong desire to learn. Josh and Ivo are training him to create custom WordPress marketing sites, and he is already working independently without close guidance. We look forward to his continued growth in skill and ability.

  • Current Area of Focus: Custom designed WordPress marketing sites
  • Hobbies: Playing guitar and gaming
  • Favorite Food: Burritos
  • Fun Fact: Has a collection of Monster energy drink cans, every flavor and design he can find

About Victor

“I have always wanted a job that allows me to work from anywhere in the world. Just as I was thinking seriously about ways to make this possible, the guys from Code Chameleon reached out to me. That’s how I got started. I have only been working here for a short time, but the things I’ve learned so far are very useful to me. My goal is to keep learning, and get even deeper into programming.”