Pena Mechanical Time App

Designer: Drew Kora, LLC

Category: Custom Built Systems

As part of the rebuild of the Pena Mechanical Website led by Drew Kora, LLC, we needed to rebuild a custom web app another company had previously developed. The new app was to be designed in a way that was mobile friendly and responsive, as the employees that would be using it would often be using tablets and cell phones.

Employees doing emergency roadside repair would previously log work on paper and then follow up with billing later on. With the new system, employees can log their hours, mileage, and what parts were used on the repair. An invoice (PDF) is generated on the spot, streamlining and simplifying the payment and invoicing process.

In addition to generating invoices for the employees doing roadside repair, the folks in the fabrication and mechanical shop log their working hours and track usage of company equipment and supplies. The process ensures all hours and parts used are accurately logged, and help the back office staff with invoicing.

Attached, you’ll find some screenshots of the system. A major shoutout goes to Drew Kora for the sweet design!