Financial Services Client Manager

Category: Custom Built Systems

(Note: The client who I produced this system for wishes to remain anonymous, so all identifying information has been redacted.)

I was referred to this client from another client I had developed a system for several years prior. This new client owned a financial planning firm. They were looking for a new way of storing and tracking client data. This data included policies, scanned paperwork, client contact information, and more. During the process, we imported over 10,000 unique records related to the clients and their policies.

There are multiple user access levels, allowing agents to log in and manage their own clients, but not alter the clients of other agents within the company. In addition to file and photo storage, the system can also generate Excel reports. It also sports a custom querying system, allowing the client to create and generate their own reports aside from those that were built in at the start.

A few screenshots with identifying information removed are attached. This was one of the more complex systems we’ve worked on in terms of the number of existing records being imported, and the relationships that needed to be developed between them. In the end, it was quite an interesting project to work on, and the end result has proved to be helpful to the company in their day to day business. We’d love to work on another, similar project in the future!