Trying to use software to do something it’s not meant to do is like trying to take out a screw with a hammer. It may be able to be done, but it’s probably not a productive use of your time.

It can start innocently enough, but hours of your time can be wasted trying to turn a word processor into an invoicing system or a spreadsheet into an order tracking system.

We specialize in creating web-based systems that let you do exactly what you need from anywhere. Web-based doesn’t mean it’s limited to what you can do in a web browser, either. Need to generate traditional reports or documents? We can create PDFs, Word Documents, and Excel Spreadsheets in whatever layout you’d like. Need to do anything else? Just ask! We’re happy to see how we can meet your needs.

Our Process

  • Get to Know Your Business

    We believe it’s important to spend time getting to know your business. After all, without knowing your processes, we couldn’t recommend a solution!

  • Develop a Plan

    Once we understand the ins and outs of your business, we develop a plan to help you be more efficient. Whether that’s a solution that we develop, or making use of an existing piece of commercial software, we want whatever’s the best for you.

  • Create the System

    We work with you every step of the way, getting your feedback and making sure what’s being created works for you.

  • Save Your Old Data

    Your “old” data is still important. We can import your information into any new system we design.

  • Deploy Your New Software

    Once development is complete, we put the solution through thorough testing. Then, we set everything up and let you get to work!

Recent Projects

A sampling of the custom systems we've worked on

Donor Wrangler

A friendly, easy to use system for non-profit organizations to track donations, collaborate among staff, and manage donor relations.

Pena Mechanical Time App

Designed for employees on the go, this system was built to log worker hours, consumable parts used, and more.

Financial Services Client Manager

A system designed for a financial planning firm to store and track client contact information, as well as their policies.

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